Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Hair Stuff

Song that's stuck in my head all day long, Beyoncé - Black Culture .. it's so catchy, especially her crazy laugh! Download HERE

Anyway, yeah so I thought i'd do a little review of a couple of new products i got, they're called Yes To Carrots :) website here, yo.

I used to the Yes To Cucumbers shampoo and Carrots Conditioner (: Usually i can get annoyed by wise-crackin' hair product containers whose description contains all sorts of bad jokes, a lá the new Herbal Essences, Naked and Aussie.. it's like "Why are you trying to talk to me, bottle? do your job and dispense liquid to me!!" LOL THATS WHAT SHE SAID.
Anyway, point is these bottles had just the right amount of humour i thought. a high point being the substitution of "C" for the word "See" .. grammar jokes are always welcome in MY bathroom. *notes new chat-up line*

Also, "Not tested on animals" spotted on the conditioner bottle, but "Against animal testing" on the shampoo.. either way YAY RATS NO DIE =]..

allllllso >> 99.6% natural ingredients ftw ^.^

LoL i just noticed the word "Gay" on the wall in that pic, ah feck it.

So, i used it, quite nice smell, and my hair feels nice and soft (: i would recommend people to use this..

8/10 (: .. not as soft as Dark and Lovely, but not as perfumey as Lush products.. a good balance!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Elective Panels <:3)~

Hi! so, i'm doing Animation in college, for those of you who don't know.. ^^

aaaand basicarry we have to do these Electives in second year, which is 3 weeks of something you dont usually cover in your own course.. and i chose COMICS! .. so our first week's assignment was easy, create at least 4 panels of comic, with at least 2 having dialogue in them.. so... since i don't have a scanner, i had to just take a picture of mine with my phone, so here it is!

It's based on an experience a person i met before had (she is a prostitute) .. just going up to a car near the canal, soliciting, and seeing a knife, then running away..

I kinda messed up the figure in the 4th panel, but i'm faaar too busy to fix it.

Anyway, it took me like 30 mins to do this, enjoy? ^^"

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I hate you all (:

A New Blog

Hello lovelies..

So, I deleted my other posts about how amazingly shit all guys are in Dublin! .. Gonna start a new blog now.
What will this focus on, you ask? .. shit all, i'll probably just say how much i hate you all, and then post some drawings.

See ya! xLee