Monday, January 25, 2010

My Elective Panels <:3)~

Hi! so, i'm doing Animation in college, for those of you who don't know.. ^^

aaaand basicarry we have to do these Electives in second year, which is 3 weeks of something you dont usually cover in your own course.. and i chose COMICS! .. so our first week's assignment was easy, create at least 4 panels of comic, with at least 2 having dialogue in them.. so... since i don't have a scanner, i had to just take a picture of mine with my phone, so here it is!

It's based on an experience a person i met before had (she is a prostitute) .. just going up to a car near the canal, soliciting, and seeing a knife, then running away..

I kinda messed up the figure in the 4th panel, but i'm faaar too busy to fix it.

Anyway, it took me like 30 mins to do this, enjoy? ^^"


  1. bueno! you're such a natural at sequential imagez **JEALOUSY**

  2. VERY impessive, reminds me of the art of Osamu Tezuka in a way. That's a very, very, very good thing! :D