Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Product Reviews!

Well, as many of you already realised.. I just had a bath. Yep. So what products did I use, you ask?

First off I used a lovely bubblebath thingy called RADOX MUSCLE THERAPY.. Because, well, it's hard work doing nothing all day, i need to relax sometimes.
What does it say on the packet? . . hmmm .. "A bath with Radox Muscle Therapy is proven to relax you. To find out more visit" ¬_¬.. Great. I wouldn't say this stuff is gender-specific, it's kinda neutral.. It says- "What's gone into it? : -100 Years of Radox Know-how (what??), -A handful of peppercorns (no, actually in the ingredients it says Piper Nigrum EXTRACT. They're not as wholesome as they seem.) -Some natural Ginseng (as opposed to un-natural Ginseng flavouring. Once again, only an extract) -A perfect Ph balance. (ok so it DOESNT burn you like acid. yaaay. It still has a shitload of perfume though.) -A thumbs-up from the skin experts (what? A THUMBS UP? This thing gave me a rash and that's why? Get it tested, yo! .. on people obviously, not animals.)

Ok so second is the Shampoo and Conditioner of course ^_^ And this time I borrowed some of my sister's and used Herbal Essences! "Seductively Straight" Products..
Ok, so it starts off with the name- Seductively Straight, oh so my hair will be straight and able to attract other people towards it! Yay! .. Or so you think. NO. Not at all. You are about to be dominated by a sexy schoolteacher of a Shampoo.
She starts out with a single statement on the back. "Let's get one thing Straight. YOUR HAIR." .. Eeeeek! I'm scared already O_o Continue to read and it gets even more demanding. "feel me smooth out your misbehaving strands. Head Straight for the HERBAL school of seduction." .. eeek.. what is this stuff doing to my head.. Has it got a whip :/ You can do nothing to stop it. It has already begun it's torment!!
It goes on: "LESSON ONE: 'My captivating Shampoo helps tame hair into a sleek LINE OF SHINE" I appreciate that rhyming, very nice, but you've just made my hair into your bitch, bottle.. D:
"LESSON TWO: 'My creamy formula (yikes) with silk and pear extracts helps get FULL MARKS for ilk touch and gloss'" Ok.. so you're not all that bad i suppose.
Peruse down the bottle to find instructions. Although not labeled "Instructions" at all.. oh no. But the bottles attitude changes completely. It reads instead of the word "instructions" or "directions" or "how to use"; It says "USE ME" ... O_o Looks like the tables have turned, bottle. "Just smooth me on, give yourself an indulgent head massage (no rushing!) Then rinse me away.. (little sighs of pleasure are quite acceptable too)" MY GAWD. I've never felt so used. This bottle is actually such a power bottom >_> eeek.. Stop telling me what to do! *cries* I just wanna wash my hairrrr :'( ...

Anyway, that whole ordeal was very emotional. So i moved on to facial scrub :D
The one i used this time is Simple "smoothing facial scrub" ^_^ To be usd once per week, and i was quite overdue. Mmmhm.  I like the swirly design of Simple products, true to their name. They use uncomplicated information and instructions :) At the front of the tube it says "2 vital vitamins, 1 skin loving exfoliator, 0 perfume + colour" .. Yay Simple! They're great. No fuss, no whips and ball-gags like Herbal Essences *shivers* ...

Lastly I used shower gel from Adidas, now i usually avoid products for boys since they mostly smell bad (like Lynx) But this one was a gift, so i might as well use it! And it smells pretty nice! .. It's called "DEEP ENERGY" .. :/ yike.. ok, so on the front it says "PRO-ENERGY" .. what does that mean? .. I suppose it has an invogorating scent! But for boys things have to be simple of course.. ENERGY YEAAAH NEED THAT TO LIKE CLIMB ROCKS AND SHIT. ^^ That's my life. All i do is climb rocks.
So, turn to the back of the bottle.. It's in like 10 different languages O_o .. English version reads: "Adidas DEEP ENERGY PRO ENERGY shower gel FOR MEN" .. ok, right.. we get it. Energy. Next it reads (in bullet points.. of course.) "-Unique Energising Fragrance" (I knew it!) "-Enriched with Ginseng" (Yay something natural!) and finally "-pH RESPECT dermo-tested Formula" .. Whoa! This isn't just pH balanced, it is PH RESPECT.. It RESPECTS ME.. >:D *roars* This bottle is such a pussy compared to the Herbal Essences Dominatrix.

And that was my bath time! :3 Godspeed!



  1. i'm so happy you're writing for this blog again. I laughed out! I LAWLED! it's very good. three thumbs up (augh!)

  2. Thank you Rachel! :D (three thumbs up? .. urg!)